This is a page for posts that stay for life. No buy out, No backing out, No nothing. Always remember you make the mistake, so you live with it.

Nathan owned by PDTheQueen 

Branded, owned and Exposed. After 4years of ownership she is making sure he knows, this is still just the start






Sissy Murray Chapman

Some details for this sissy


Sissy Murray Chapman

693 Pleasant point hwy
New Zealand
Skype = muzza.chapman
KIK – Kiwipozpig
Watts App. +6422069618


David John Whyte

some details  Sissy Slave Dave, Just call him sissy. #8, 1707 Oberg Johnson Road, Golden, BC, Canada, V0A 1H1, 250-344-5958 (Landline) skype dave.whyte7 email

Now we have Tim.                                               This is a sissy who loves exposure, they have some drinks and a smoke and then jump head first down the rabbit hole 

email is 

 Now it’s Gus batres
Gladstone Missouri
Twitter @cuckynims
Number 816-352-8619


























Sissy Shawna

jumping in to some exposure for life spread her around