Not all sissies want full exposure packages, some just want some quick exposure with a few caption cards of there own. So here is Two little games added to the site

Game 1

I will stop the Gif on one of the options. the first game the lowest option

Is 3 days 1personal caption card made of you for the exposure the highest is 2weeks 3cards made for the exposure 

Price £5 


 Like game 1 but for those who want a little bit more

This time I will stop the 2nd Gif this one they are higher the lowest is 2weeks and 3 personal captions cards made for the exposure.

And best is 6 months and 8 caption cards. 

Price of game 2 is


The Cards made in this are yours to use also

Brenna Knight

Start 11/10/2021 Ends 11/01/2022

3 Months Exposure

Sissy from usa loves Exposure help spread her and get her world wide

Check her out on Twitter to see more and save and spread these lets not stop reposting them tell her time is up


slave David
from Birmingham, UK
Kik tongue777
Text 07530555096

Sissy slave lucy
Kik mstriguy
Tumbler matriguy
Fetlife slave_lucy 



Sissy Annika


Start date 26th of July 2022

End date 26th of July 2

Kayla or sissy Kayla… Brad from Baltimore, MD 

Now it is Sissy April 

Starts 1st aug 2022

Ends 1st of aug 2023

Some info on the sissy slut April

Chris robin

DFW Texas

spread and share this stupid sissy slut make it permanent give her no choice 


Now we have sissy Dana

 Start date 26/8/22

End date 26/8/22

Denmark ,

Sissy E-mail adress :





Donald Lopez
Kik donnald1184
Lives in Maryland

Starts 12 of April 

Timer 4months




Start date 24/1/2022 End date 22/2/2022

Start date 09/04/2022

End date 09/04/2023


Roberto Hernandez
15 Townshend Street, SG13 7BP, HERTFORD, UK






Sissystephanie6 on
twitter,fetlife and

located in
south carolina USA New on the exposure Pathway. won’t be long tell they have face out..