Welcome to The Rabbit Hole.

You were too weak to stop yourself from following, You are too weak to stop it now.

when you’re at home dressed up and looking in the mirror taking photos, sending the images to people sounds like such a fun and harmless act. What can go wrong?



Exposure does not disappear just because you’re not horny anymore. Silly, silly sissy. 

What fool jumps down a hole with no way of getting out?



You Beg for it, you jump down willingly, you’re the stupid bitch that has put themselves in this situation, and now you live with it 




What sort of stupid bitch would follow me down the rabbit hole

oh you sissy you’re the stupid slut 





would you be weak enough to follow me

Of course, you would it’s why you’re here 

Stupid fucking sissy





down and down you keep falling. There’s no way out no freedom. The only way is down for you now sissy









Down and down you fall sissy.

The Mind of a sissy is such a weak, fragile thing. So easy to control, so easy to manipulate, so easy to make them into mindless sissy bimbos with only one aim in life, PLEASING MASTER.

The Rabbit Hole is a one-way road. You may try to run away, you may try to delete it all. But the internet NEVER forgets. Once it’s uploaded ALL control of that photo is gone FOREVER!!!!


When you have given up so much info when you have given up so much content. You can’t run. I know too much and have too much and im NEVER going to stop


when you have regrets about your exposure I don’t give a fuck. Once you jump in your MINE, and I won’t stop. You was never meant to control your own exposure in the first place. It’s why you come begging me.

I ,will always be watching now sissy, you step out of line, and I will make sure you see just how dark and dangerous the rabbit while really is.

Even when you sleep you’re NOT safe from me 

Sink Deeper and Deeper like the mindless bimbo fuckpig sissy you are 

First you slip and regain your balance but before long your falling head first in to my rabbit hole 




It’s a one way road too late to turn back now 




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